Notes on Unity3D and SVN

Unity documentation has a brief page on the subject.

  1. Follow the above instructions & create a repo for your Unity project in svn.
  2. Once you have your local Working Copy set up & opened in the Unity IDE, Unity will generate a Library folder next to your Assets.
  3. DO NOT ever version the Library folder. Leave it unversioned. If you’re using an SVN client like Cornerstone on OS X, select the Library folder, Ctrl+click it & choose Ignore. This way you’ll never have to see those files popup in the Unversioned view or accidentally include them in a Commit. If you’re using command line, set Library to be ignored via Terminal, as you probably already know how.

SVN Error “PROPFIND request failed”… “authorization failed”

Every time I change my network password SVN craps out on me. When I try to login to my SVN client (Versions 1.1) I get this error:

PROPFIND request failed on ‘/my/repo/path’
PROPFIND of ‘/my/repo/path’: authorization failed (

I’ve tried getting someone else to log me in but then still got this error when I tried to Commit files:

Commit failed (details follow):
OPTIONS request failed on ‘/my/repo/path/my_specific_files_directory’
OPTIONS of ‘/my/repo/path/my_specific_files_directory’: authorization failed (‘’)

This series of steps finally fixed it:

1. deleted all Repository Bookmarks in Versions svn client
2. deleted Versions’ preferences in myusername/Library/Preferences/
3. deleted the keychain entry in Keychain Access
4. tried to creat a New Repository Bookmark – it worked AFTER i added a “/” at the end of the repo path: ‘’