Titanium for iOS: Changing System Date breaks the Simulator Build Process – “fatal error: file” ‘_Prefix.pch’ “has been modified since the precompiled header was built”

Got this “fatal error” with Titanium Studio, build: and Titanium SDK version 2.1.3 after I had to change my OS X system Date via Date & Time Preferences manually while trying to test badge activation functionality that involved keeping track of an activity being performed several consecutive days in a row. All of the usual solutions, like Clean project, delete DerivedData, delete /build/ folder didn’t work this time.
Changing the system Date back to the correct one, as implied here, didn’t help either.

[INFO] One moment, building ...
[INFO] Titanium SDK version: 2.1.3 (10/02/12 16:16 15997d0)
[INFO] iPhone Device family: universal
[INFO] iPhone SDK version: 5.1
[INFO] iPhone simulated device: ipad
[INFO] Minimum iOS version: 4.0 Linked iOS Version 5.1
[INFO] Compiling localization files
[ERROR] fatal error: file '/Users/yourUserName/Desktop/SVN/CompanyName/trunk/yourProject/build/iphone/yourProjectName_Prefix.pch' has been modified since the precompiled header was built
[ERROR] fatal error: file '/Users/yourUserName/Desktop/SVN/CompanyName/trunk/yourProject/build/iphone/yourProjectName_Prefix.pch' has been modified since the precompiled header was built
[ERROR] fatal error: file '/Users/yourUserName/Desktop/SVN/CompanyName/trunk/yourProject/build/iphone/yourProjectName_Prefix.pch' has been modified since the precompiled header was built
[ERROR] fatal error: file '/Users/yourUserName/Desktop/SVN/CompanyName/trunk/yourProject/build/iphone/yourProjectName_Prefix.pch' has been modified since the precompiled header was built
[ERROR] Error: Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/yourUserName/Library/Application Support/Titanium/mobilesdk/osx/2.1.3.GA/iphone/builder.py", line 1325, in main
    execute_xcode("iphonesimulator%s" % link_version,["GCC_PREPROCESSOR_DEFINITIONS=__LOG__ID__=%s DEPLOYTYPE=development TI_DEVELOPMENT=1 DEBUG=1 TI_VERSION=%s %s %s" % (log_id,sdk_version,debugstr,kroll_coverage)],False)
  File "/Users/yourUserName/Library/Application Support/Titanium/mobilesdk/osx/2.1.3.GA/iphone/builder.py", line 1231, in execute_xcode
    output = run.run(args,False,False,o)
  File "/Users/yourUserName/Library/Application Support/Titanium/mobilesdk/osx/2.1.3.GA/iphone/run.py", line 41, in run
SystemExit: 65

Lame workaround

Let Titanium IDE generate the build folder w/ the Xcode project. Launch Xcode by double clicking the yourProjectName.xcodeproj and Build from there.

What’s even worse, is that building to a device works out of Titanium IDE in this case but not from Xcode 4.3.3. In XCode, I get this error: “Apple Mach-O Linker error… linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)”


My buddy Charles, suggested this approach:

  1. Instead of Run > iPad Simulator, try Debug > iPad Simulator. This should get the Simulator out of its stupor and running again.
  2. Go to the Simulator’s equivalent of DerivedData and delete all project folders (titled with what looks like random strings):
    /Users/yourUserName/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/5.1
  3. Go to Run > Run Configurations, select your simulator configuration, like Titanium iOS Simulator > Titanium iPad Simulator.
  4. Check the box next to “Re-build project on launch” and hit Apply

The problem re-appeared a few times again on the same day after the above fix took care of it. Going back into Run Configurations and unchecking and then re-checking “Re-build project on launch” fixed it each time. UPDATE, 12.07.2012: the weird part was that sometimes just doing the Run Configuration checkbox thing didn’t always work when the problem re-appeared, so I had to run through all the steps above again.