2 years later, this book’s still useful

It’s rare for IT books to remain useful for more than a short time after they’re released. Sometimes it feels like software versions are updated so often that most books become as outdated as the program/language versions they cover.

Even though it’s usually prudent to use ready-made animation engines like Tween Lite, looking under the hood’s always good. This title’s great for that.

Re-reading the Trigonometry chapter again. Thinking: Sine, Cosine, Arctangent.

Checking out a new book for Java EE & Flex 3, published 2009

I  couldn’t find any sort of companion site url. Was I not reading carefully enough or does one not exist on purpose/due to time constraints? 

Trying out the Ch.6: Writing Java Web Applications example…  

On first try, I had a configuration problem trying to install ALL of  Spring IDE 2.2.4 plugin for Eclipse 3.4 for Java EE on OS X 10.4.11.  Here’s the error message:


Staying in Eclipse 3.4 I then tried to install only the Spring IDE parts specified on p.33 by doing Help > Software Updates > Available Software > Add Site  (http://springide.org/updatesite)  and the installation worked.

It was quicker and easier to do this Spring MVC tutorial first, before doing Ch.6’s detailed ANT build solution. There was 1 vague area here, in the Adding Libraries section it was unclear which folders contain which .jar file. Also, the file names didn’t contain the version numbers in them. After a little digging inside /mylocalpath/spring-framework-2.5.6/, it was fine. Most were in “dist,” “lib,” or “jakarta-commons.”

Here’s a resource for going beyond the Ch.6 example: Mastering Spring MVC.