Titanium & Unity3D for iOS: Notes on Flurry Analytics – Parameters Take a Week to Show Up in Reports

I used an open source Flurry module developed by SoftGravity. It was easy to implement and seems to be working well. One potentially confusing thing with Flurry’s dashboard is that it’s not immediately clear how long it takes data to populate the various charts & reports.

“You currently have no event parameters to track.”

For example, I can see my parameter Name / Value pairs Event Logs. The little pie chart icon for Event Parameters shows up next to my events that have parameters. However, when I try to look at any of the reports for parameters that show up in the Event Logs I constantly get this message with no additional details: “You currently have no event parameters to track.” None of the FAQ pages on flurry.com mention this situation.

After installing the module, I’m calling logEvent, after initiating flurry w/ my API KEY, like so:

//in app.js: 
var flurry = require('sg.flurry');
	flurry.secureTransport(true); //use https to send request to make them more safe
	flurry.logUncaughtExceptions(true); //logs exception in objective-c code

//in a content .js file:
flurry.logEvent( "My Footer Event" , {myfooter_link: 'Contact Us'} ); 

48 hrs after I created my application in the Flurry admin dashboard, this problem still persisted. At the time I was using Titanium SDK 2.1.3.GA and Titanium Studio, build:

Give it at least a week

5 days after I created the app in Flurry’s dashboard and started posting data to the Event Logs, my Event Parameters finally started showing up in the reports and the “You currently have no event parameters to track” message went away.

I first tried Flurry a while back with a test Unity3D project, using Prime31’s great Flurry for iOS plugin. It seemed to work well, but at the time, I didn’t pay much attention to the Event Parameters and how long they take to show up in the reports. Looking at my old Unity test data in Flurry’s dashboard, they’re certainly there now.