iOS App Store Distribution Process – Random Notes for Titanium 2.x, Xcode 4.3, OS X 10.7

Creating a Distribution .ipa Using a Client’s Certificate & Profile WITHOUT Client’s iTunesConnect login credentials

Application Loader on OS X 10.7

  • In Application Loader, choose Deliver Your App for App Store distribution.
  • On OSX 10.7, Application Loader won’t come up through Spotlight. Go to /Applications/Xcode/Contents/Applications/ to find Application Loader.

General Initial Steps

To send to App Store you need an account w/ Agent level access (so Distribution tab shows up under Certificates in the portal) and these:

1. Distribution Certificate
2. Distribution Provisioning Profile

Apple’s details on how to create the Distribution Certificate using your Keychain Access on a Mac. At the end of this process you’ll have a .certSigningRequest file, which you then need to submit, via the iOS Provisioning Portal. Once it’s approved, you can download the certificate as a .cert file, double click it on your machine to install and then use KeyChain Access to save it in the .p12 file format.

Once the Distribution Certificate is ready, make a Distribution Provisioning Profile.

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