Encouraging Stats for Unity3D as a Mobile Games Dev Platform but There’s Still a Reality Check for Non-Indie Developers

Interesting statistics from Game Developer magazine (May 2012), via Gamasutra:

…Game Developer magazine has released the results of its first-ever mobile and social developer technology survey in the May 2012 issue….

Unity topped the list of mobile game engines, with 53.1% of developers reporting using Unity compared to 39.8% using a custom engine., 17.7% using Cocos2D, 5.3% using Marmalade, and 5.3% using Corona (this question wasn’t exclusive, so the percentage count adds up to more than 100%).

I’m guessing most of the 53% are indie developers for now.

At the moment (Fri, Aug 24, 2012), I did a search for “Unity3D” on Indeed.com in all of the US, and got less than 100 job postings, many of them only mentioned Unity3D as a “nice to have”. Compared that with 8,828 jobs that mention HTML5, 12,567 for Flash (yes, still!), 2,087 for Actionscript (even after “Flash found dead in seedy San Jose motel room“) on the same date in all of the US.

I hope more Tech Directors & teams hear about Unity soon & pick it as their dev tool for mobile games & beyond. I like working in this game engine, so it’d be nice to have more job opportunities for it in more places.

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