Unity3D for iOS: AR Flyer/Poster Example with Basic Sound Spectrum Analyzer

Here’s a quick Unity3D Augmented Reality example I made this week using Qualcomm’s free Vuforia for iOS plugin.

In addition to Vuforia, I used the handy open source iTween library & Unity’s AudioListener.GetSpectrumData on a dummy model I made using Blender. The 3 robots are acting as the sound spectrum analyzer, each being tweened in response to a float (decimal) that’s put together from an average from a sound frequency range.

I used a Creative Commons graffiti image from Flickr in the flyer/poster background & a Creative Commons mp3 from SoundCloud.

In this case the entire flyer/poster acts as the Image Target. I was surprised to see that it got a 5 star rating in the Target Management System (TMS) on QDevNet (TMS shows up under My Trackables after you create an account).

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