Random Notes to Self on Using Blender for Unity3D

Armature, Error: “Bone heat weighting: failed to find solution for one or more bones”

  • Blender-Fixing Automatic Weight Errors – a Blender 2.6 video tutorial that addresses some of the things that might be wrong. Remove Doubles, Recalculate Normals, etc.
  • Super basic video on adding Armature. More detailed rigging How To video.

Armature, Weight Painting

  • After you get Bone heat weighting to automatically assign your armature to the body, you can get more precise results via Weight Painting. In Weight Painting Mode you can edit exactly which part of a mesh is controlled by each bone.
  • Weight Painting A Human Mesh. (blender 2.6 onward)

Having fun with some basic armature for this thing:

Animating in Blender and Importing into Unity in FBX format

  • Some tutorials on using 1 long animation timeline w/ keyframes & checking Split Animations in the Unity Inspector for the model’s FBXImporter settings: one, two

UV Mapping & Textures

  • Create seems: select Edges you want as seems in Edit Mode, hit Ctrl+E for Edges menu & choose Mark Seem. Then, in Edit Mode, hit “U” to pull up the UV Mapping menu and choose Unwrap. A good overview using a pyramid shape here, around 11:00 in the time code.
  • JPGs seem less quirky than 24-bit PNGs in the UV/Image Editor in Blender 2.6. To get the transparency in the PNG to show up properly, it seems like you need to check the Premultiply checkbox in the Image section of the hide-able submenu on the left side of the UV/Image Editor (the + in the upper left corner).

To reset Scale of an object to (1,1,1) after scaling it in Object Mode (necessary for Unity3D import)

  • in Object Mode, hit Ctrl + A
  • choose Scale
  • Or, go to Object > Apply > Scale in the 3D View
  • This is important when using Blender to build models for import to Unity3D. If your model’s Scale isn’t set to x:1, y:1, z:1 your Unity project will suffer from performance issues.

To SEPARATE two meshes or to separate a face from a larger mesh

  • in Edit Mode, hit P
  • useful when trying to use a Loop Cut (Ctrl R) on just 1 face of a large mesh

To JOIN two meshes or to join 1 face with a larger mesh

  • in Object Mode, hit Ctrl + J

To extrude a vertex or edge

  • in Edit Mode, select the vertex or edge, hold Ctrl and pull on the selected vertex or edge, use the XYZ arrows for precision

Pressing “P” in Object Mode, instead of Edit Mode, & accidentally triggering the Blender game engine

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