Unity3D for iOS: Augmented Reality with a Beer Bottle

I used the beer label as the Image Target for Vuforia for iOS. Qualcomm’s Target Management System (TMS) rated the label image with 3 out of 5 starts, which is better than I thought but still leaves room for a little unwanted jitteriness. To create the image, I simply took a photo of the beer label with my phone camera, silo’d it out in Photoshop & exported as a 24-bit (transparent) PNG, uploaded to the TMS.

Next, I added some random 3D models, an empty GameObject w/ Box Collider behind the beer label (ImageTarget prefab) and basic text & button sprites via UIToolkit, as well as some mind-numbingly simply logic.

The UIToolkit UI object (& it’s child UIToolkit objects) seems to work fine when nested inside Vuforia’s ImageTarget prefab:

I set the ARCamera’s frustum to look at the global Y axis in this case (ARCamera is Vuforia’s version of Main Camera):

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