Unity3D for iOS: ‘*’ Wildcard Bundle Identifier (App ID) Doesn’t Work with Unity

Apple allows the wildcard character * to be used for a suite of applications. When testing various version of a game during development, it’s sometimes useful to be able to reuse a generic Provisioning Profile and App ID.

Apple allows this, as stated in the iOS Provisioning Portal in Apple’s Developer Center:

The wild-card character must be the last character in the App ID string. Example App IDs for this situation could be: R2T24EVAEE.com.domainname.* or R2T24EVAEE.*

I’ve been able to use this technique in other 3rd party iOS development tools like Titanium SDK but not in Unity 3.5.

I posted a question about this on Unity Answers but it didn’t receive much attention or any answers.

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