NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound Error and AS3.0 Video Player with Facebook CDN mp4 Files

While coding a Flash video player for an iFrame-based mostly-HTML Facebook app a .NET / Front End developer & I ran into this annoying problem.

When we tried to load videos stored in via a Facebook account (in mp4 format) on an Akamai (or competitor’s) CDN server (with server url similar to into our custom progressive download video player kept giving us the “NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound” error.

We tried everything from looking at HTTP Headers, to finding an Adobe Employee’s post on Adobe forums that said this might not be possible (with Strobe Media Player & Facebook CDN video) to considering alternative hosting. Googling didn’t reveal too many results on this specific issue. This one was perhaps the most informative.

In the end, the .NET / Javascript developer I was working with decided to try URL encoding the string that was passed to the video player via a FlashVar. That fixed the problem!

The best part is that now, we can meet our needs AND avoid having to figure out an alternative hosting solution.

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