SVN Error “PROPFIND request failed”… “authorization failed”

Every time I change my network password SVN craps out on me. When I try to login to my SVN client (Versions 1.1) I get this error:

PROPFIND request failed on ‘/my/repo/path’
PROPFIND of ‘/my/repo/path’: authorization failed (

I’ve tried getting someone else to log me in but then still got this error when I tried to Commit files:

Commit failed (details follow):
OPTIONS request failed on ‘/my/repo/path/my_specific_files_directory’
OPTIONS of ‘/my/repo/path/my_specific_files_directory’: authorization failed (‘’)

This series of steps finally fixed it:

1. deleted all Repository Bookmarks in Versions svn client
2. deleted Versions’ preferences in myusername/Library/Preferences/
3. deleted the keychain entry in Keychain Access
4. tried to creat a New Repository Bookmark – it worked AFTER i added a “/” at the end of the repo path: ‘’

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