“Error #1088” despite a well-formed XML file

The 1 line of code below in my XML processor class caused this error: “Error #1088: The markup in the document following the root element must be well-formed,” despite the fact that my source xml file passed multiple validation tests from multiple sources.

fEvent = XML(xmlData.fevnt);		

As soon as I got rid of the casting operation XML (…) and changed the fEvent datatype to String or Array ( a cheap trick to access XML element attributes), the error went away.

When I googled “Error #1088” most posts were about XML that was dynamically generated via a server-side script. In this instance, this was a static, well-formed XML file that suddenly started throwing this error, so I had to go through the code, commenting it out line by line to find the culprit. Who knew — google doesn’t have the answers to everything all the time! =)

Some context for the problem code, as it existed in the XML processor class:


private function loadData(xmlFilePath:String):void {
			loader = new URLLoader();
			reqst=new URLRequest(xmlFilePath);
			loader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onLdrComplete);

private function onLdrComplete(e:Event):void {
			var ldr:URLLoader=e.target as URLLoader;
			xmlData=new XML(ldr.data); //defined as xmlData:XML above
            finalEvent = XML(xmlData.finalevnt);				

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