Note to self: Structs in C++ are like Value Objects in Actionscript or Java

Wiser folks than I have accurately pointed out that no analogy is perfect. In this case, it’s plain to see that Structs in C++ are an official data type that’s part of the language itself, whereas Value Objects are more of a convention (former design pattern[1]) created by Java programmers (among others) over the years.

Structs are similar to Value Objects since both are essentially containers for a bunch of data. Both don’t have methods. Perhaps, Value Objects could have Getters & Setters, but more often there aren’t methods.

An example of a Struct in a C++ tutorial:

struct database {
  int id_number;
  int age;
  float salary;

int main()
  database employee;  
  employee.age = 22;
  employee.id_number = 1;
  employee.salary = 12000.21;

An example of a Value Object from an AS3 tutorial using PureMVC:

package com.flashtuts.model.vo
	public class DataVO
		public var dataURL:String          = 'assets/xml/data.xml';
		public var urlsArray:Array	  = [ ];
		public var urlsDataArray:Array  = [ ];

1. In Java the Value Object Pattern is now called the Transfer Object Pattern.

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