MVC in AS3

Just got back to reading Actionscript 3.0 Design Patterns by William Sanders & Chandima Cumaranatunge.

It’s a super helpful book overall. It’s got some good information but feels hard to read. Perhaps, I’m judging by too harsh a standard, since this is a technical manual style book, after all, not a novel. I just wish every IT book was written with as much readability as Java 5: A Beginner’s Tutorial by Budi Kurniawan.

There’re a few typos in the MVC chapter. There’re a few places in Ch. 12, where a method’s signature gets cut off.

For example, on p. 440 the constructor is missing a param (or two) and the closing ‘)’ bracket, like so:

//some code here
public function ConstructorName (aParam1:Type,
 //some code here
//some code here

And on p. 435 an addEventListener() method inside the constructor is missing the event handler function name and the closing ‘)’ bracket.

There’s another type-o in Chapter 6: Composite Pattern on p. 239:

 *the "." inside the Composite method should be a "," 
 *since it's meant to separate two input  parameters 
airPlane = new Composite(0.0);  //line 16 
//some code here

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